Monday, March 14, 2011

Zipped up

So this is not exactly what I was planning on blogging about today but hope you enjoy it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I snagged a massive bargain at spotlight, a massive bag of mixed zips for only $5.00 as you can imagine I was super excited about it but after having to wade through the bag again to find the one that I wanted today I got a bit fed up with it and decided to make something to keep them organised and easy to get to.

So I went into the garage and got a piece of scrap wood, the hammer and some nails then picked some pretty material from my stash


then attached the material to the wood (I have shown how I do my corners to make them nice and tidy as well as making it tight across the wood.


Then I put in some nails across the front to hang the zips on


and hung it on the wall



  1. I love it!!! i love it!! I do I do I do!
    Thanks so much!
    Just blogged about it!
    xx STacey