Thursday, September 29, 2011

My creative space

I have been very busy sewing lots of goodies for Two Princes creating new items and building up stock for the Brunswick show as I have been invited to put some items out on a friends stall.

Here's a little look at what I have been up to

a new range of 'Ouch Pouches" 

A new addition to the Two Princes range
Crayon caddy's

 I also created a couple of little red riding hood capes for Michael and a little school friend of his for their assembly item at school today. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

God Chicks Awakened

So I was very excited yesterday to get a delivery of books that I had ordered just a couple of days beforehand
I have to say I was so excited because we are going away this weekend and I wanted to take one with me.

The book I am starting with is call "God Chicks Awakened" by Holly Wagner and just by reading the blurb on the back which says

"Today can be the first day of a future filled with hope and strength...... but only if you wake up from yesterday! Your past may be made of sorrow, pain and disappointment, but God longs to see you walk brave and free into His destiny for you, bringing what you have learned from the past to change the world's tomorrow"

I felt so enthusiastic about the next 90 days and where I will hopefully be when I finish this devotional. I will with you each day of this journey in the hope that you may be blessed with some hope and strength yourself.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Creative Little Souls

So I went to take some photos of my new space yesterday to share with you and was surprised to find that the memory card in my camera was full so I went through the photos and found that my little princes had been having fun. Flicking through them I was delighted to find some really amazing shots and thought I might share

By Michael

By Michael

By Zac

By Zac

By Michael

By Michael

My Creative Space

My creative space this week has been all about well….. my creative space

I have managed to transform this cringe worthy toy room aka the tip


Into some space for me. So I cleared out the toys, taking a lot of them to the charity store and throwing out about the same about, then sorted and relocated the remains before beginning to transform the toy room in My Creative Space

I took a trip to IKEA to pick up some shelving


Scoring a bit of a barging


and moved in


created some work/study space


A little reminder


My sewing/cutting space






I have plans for this corner but I can’t do it by myself and I was eager to share


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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mail a little love

Michael loves writing letters and drawing pictures for us and is always asking to put them in our mail box. He has recently started asking to go out by himself and snuck out last week to ‘post’ a letter for me. I freaked out a little, although our street is no where near as busy as our old old, I am not comfortable with them out the front by themselves even if its just to put something in the mailbox so last week we decided to make a mail box for him that stays inside the house. The he got very very sick! Involving a trip to the ER and a few days off school and in bed (torture for him) as we tried to get his temperature down and him well again

This meant that very little creating was done in our house so when I dropped Michael off at Kindy today knowing I only a had few hours to get anything done (he has half days on Tuesday) I decided that today was the day to make a mailbox

I used one of the boxes I had left over from Zac's birthday party


Put it together and then cut out a mail slot


and a flap at the back to get the mail out


with a little spot for little hands to open it


Covered it in red wrapping paper


and put it in its new home


Then went to go get Michael from school.

He saw it as soon as he came in and went right to work writing a letter


and mailing a little love for me


Love my little man he has the sweetest little heart

Sunday, September 4, 2011

{the day after Sunday}

What an amazing weekend we have had and I am linking up with Stacey at Blogs Tea & Me who says

The weekend, to me, is the most blissful of times.
Where all who matter most are gathered under one roof.
Where, if it's the way of your heart, you worship the one true God.
And where, most lovely of all, memories are made & love is shared!

to share it with you

We decided that Saturday night was going to be Family Date Night so we went down to a new pizza shop that opened in our area to try it out. This involved Michael wearing a promotional mask for us to take part in their opening promotion


Suffice to say he did us proud

We came home and settled into the theatre room to give our children a cultural education and introduce them to the wonders of MacGyver.

Much fun and laughter was had

Then it was Sunday and Fathers Day

We had church followed by lunch with my parents out at Serpentine Falls National Park

We gave gifts


Played frisbee


Messed around


Shared the love


Crashed for a little while after lunch


Went for a walk


did some rock climbing


Sorry buddy but its just too cute!!!




Played in the stream


Met some Kangaroos


and headed home only to see a train on the way with 45 carriages



I hope you have also had a amazing weekend

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