Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Chuggington Birthday

So I found this birthday a bit of a challenge, there isn’t much Chuggington party stuff around and even less in Australia but after looking around and getting some inspiration from the parts of Chuggington that Zachary loves I think I managed to make our little man very happy.

Decorations:I have posted my bunting before but I love it and had a ball making it. I used the main colours of Chuggington (Blue, Yellow, Red and Green) and put some Chuggington pictures on the flags at the start, end and in between the words


We also had a couple of train signs

IMG_2915              IMG_2916

Food: Lots of yummy goodies that had to be lactose free so some of the food I have made in the past for our parties was missing this time. Instead we had:

cupcakes with yellow, blue, greed and red icing,

Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Jelly cups

Homemade sausage rolls

Party Pies

Chicken nuggets


And a cheese platter for adults and kids alike

With fruit cordial for all to drink


This was all followed by…….

The Cake


Our little guest were given Thank you gifts for celebrating Zac’s 3rd birthday with us. I made them to look like parcels



and they were filled with lots of goodies including a colouring book I made with Chuggington images from all over the place


and to finish them off I tied them with Jute String and put a tag on it that read “Thank you for coming to my Chuggington Birthday Party. I hope you have had an absa-toot-ly traintastic time”


I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us and also to my Mother-In-Law for being such a big help as well as bringing me amazing rice pudding and homemade plum jam. I hope everyone had an absa-toot-ly traintastic time



  1. you did a fantastic job, i bet he loved it :)

  2. Lucky birthday's only come once a year with all that work.!