Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird and Wonderful

Its taken me a while to think of 8 weird and wonderful things (that I was willing to share) but here you go…

I love combining sweet and salty food. I eat the chocolate off my choc bomb at the cinemas and dip it into my popcorn, dip my hot chips in my sundaes and put a square of chocolate on a chip and eat them together. This fact completely disgusts my husband :o)

I get a kick out of looking at my hands the morning after giving myself a mani and pedi and remembering how pretty they are.

I love all things girly, I own countless heals and dresses but always find myself putting on my jeans and ballet flats :o(

I hate talking on the telephone, always have. Even as a teenager when you are ‘supposed’ to talk to the phone for hours my brother was the one doing that while I would go visit my friends. I would rather send an email, go on facebook or talk to someone face to face.

I kill plants. I wish I was a fabulous gardener but I accept the fact that I just can’t keep anything alive. I am that bad that one year for Christmas my parents got me a garden plaque that say “I have a rock garden… Last week 3 of them died” :’o(

I love making things for other people but struggle to find even a gram of inspiration when I want to make something for myself and even put a sewing machine needle through my finger the last time I tried. (It’s actually quite frustrating)

I bake late at night I will quite often make a batch of brownies or cupcake late at night and then stay up and eat some before going to bed.

I love winter storms. I love snuggling up in bed or on the couch with a soft, warm blanket, sock, cozy PJ’s and a good book while outside the rain and wind go crazy. (this past week has been wonderful for me)

Linking up with the wonderfully beautiful Stacey at Blogs Tea & Me Have a look and join in with the rest of us weird and wonderful people :o)


  1. i love sweet and salty things too! have you tried kettle corn before? it is sweet and salty popcorn and i absolutely love it:)
    I love a good storm too, i love winter much more then summer these days.
    sounds like you need a girls night out so you can dress up in some of those fine fancy clothes, if not a girls night then get the hubby to take you out on the town :)

  2. Sounds like I need to try kettle corn, where can I get it? As for a night out...... I will talk to the girls :o)