Friday, July 29, 2011

My Week……

I am so excited about this week. Well I was until I woke up to this little guy screaming in pain :o(


So we headed off to the doctor this morning to be told that it looks like a virus that has been going around. This unfortunately means there isn’t much we can do for him but pray for him, give him some panadol and wait it out. He is all tuckered out at the moment (he fell asleep on our theatre room floor) so after moving him into our bed I thought I might steal some time for me, ignore the housework for a few minutes and fill you in on all the sewing I have been doing this week.

I have started creating products for my newest journey,Two Princes Logo

after being encourage by family and friends, I decided to sell some of the goodies that I make so inspired by own Two Princes and the lack of handmade goodies for boys I whipped up a few items and popped them on a facebook page I made and thought I would share them with you as well :o)





IMG_3239 (800x533)IMG_3240 (800x533)

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