Sunday, August 28, 2011

{The Day After Sunday}

So after the wonderful day I had on Friday I was praying when I woke up on Saturday that I wouldn’t crash but to my utter delight I had a wonderful weekend and as Stacey says

The weekend, to me, is the most blissful of times. Where all who matter most are gathered under one roof. Where, if it's the way of your heart, you worship the one true God. And where, most lovely of all, memories are made & love is shared!

So I am sharing my weekend the stand out parts of our weekend with you if nothing else to remind myself how wonderful it was!

Saturday involved me getting up and making this cute little outfit


for a lovely little girl who was turning one. Then we headed off to help set up the party and celebrate with her family and friends.

Sunday we headed off to our church and then came home for lunch and some very serious competition. The winner of Mario Cart in our house is held in high esteem Open-mouthed smile 


The boys also headed out for an “adventure” I love how my boys love spending time with their Daddy and how their Daddy loves investing in them, loving them and having fun with them


While they were out spending time together I got started on this little guy


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What was the best part of your weekend?

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