Friday, August 26, 2011

I did okay today

There are not many days that when they boys are in bed I sit down and can say “You know, I did okay today” but today has been one of those day. Most of the time I feel guilty about the time I haven’t spent with them, or the fact that I growled at them, wasn’t patient enough, was too tired to sit there and constantly play the game that they wanted to play, didn’t have food ready when they wanted it or a list of a billion other faults I find in myself. But today after finishing the school enrolments for next year (still having to get used to the fact that Zac will be in school next year) we came home and

Played with bubbles (is there anything better)




Made yummy cinnamon scrolls with vanilla glaze


I had a healthy and yummy lunch ready before the claims of starvation started. We ate it on the trampoline picnic style in the beautiful sunshine, which turned into an impromptu photo session





I have to admit, I recon these little guys are something special.

While the boys were having quiet time watching a movie I whipped this up for their room


And decided to redecorate their room (exciting!!!!!!)

We worked on some “Fathers Day” gifts for the wonderful Dads in our life (I can’t show you photos because then they will see and that would ruin the suprise)

I didn’t turn into a dragon mother when I found Michael and Zac had trashed my freshly made bed while I was on the phone or when Zachary squeezed out half a bottle of shampoo so he could play with the bubbles on the shower floor during the 2 seconds I was out of the room.

I was organised enough to have my laptop charged and let them choose a DVD to watch during my physio session so they didn’t run around bored making enough noise to make me wish I had left them at home on their own (Don’t call the cops on me I would never ever leave them on their own)

We picked up some fish and chip and had another picnic (on the living room floor) for dinner before Dad got home and turned green from the smell of fish in the house. Louis can’t eat seafood and even the smell make him feel ill so its a massive treat in our house.

And to top the day off I got the boys into bed on time, with no fuss!

A rather successful day in my books, it wasn’t perfect but I am trying to learn not to expect perfection from myself and just to do the best I can. Today was one of the days where I did the best I could and honestly felt like I did okay so I am chalking that up for a win!

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