Monday, January 10, 2011

I love this time of day

I love this time of day, Zachary has gone down for a nap


Michael is watching old school cartoons (Felix the cat) in the theatre room


and I get to have some peace. With 2 very active and full on boys in the house its a rare commodity that I will take whenever I can get it. So I have decided to use this time and some of the fabric I picked up on my last trip to Spotlight with Michael when we got the material for his library bag (check it out here)

I start a new semester of uni shortly and as much as I drool over stationery I can never justify getting those really pretty notebooks, I go through them too fast as I take copious amounts of notes and much to my husbands disgust and dismay can’t get out of the habit of writing my assignments and notes on paper before I type them up. So instead of spending a fortune on pretty notebooks I have made myself a notebook cover.



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