Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas.... Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

So one of my most favourite times of year is coming up very fast. Normally by now I would be quiet far into buying and wrapping our Christmas gifts. I usually spend all year shopping for the perfect gift for everyone and try to pick it up when its on sale or I just find that item that has to come home with me.

But this year with my decision to make as many gifts as possible I am afraid I have procrastinated a little and instead of the usual 15 odd gifts that I would have by now I have 1. Just 1 lonely little gift sitting at the top of our wardrobe.

So today when i realised there was only 72 days till Christmas I got working on ideas and managed to fill in my Christmas gift list of 37 people with items that I would be making them. Although my stress levels regarding Christmas have decrease I now realise that on top of sewing things for the Brunswick show I have to start making Christmas gifts asap if I am going to get them all finished. On the plus side its only
72 days till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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