Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome to the world

Very early this morning I received the call we had been waiting for. One of my best friends had had her baby during the night.

Welcome to the world Fianna Dianne


As your ‘Aunty’ I promise to love you like my own, gang up on the boys with you, spoil you endlessly with girly things, be the one you talk to when you can’t talk to your Mum, the one you run to when you think your parents are horrible, help you heal your broken heart and celebrate your joys.

I know that your big brother Myles loves and adores you already and your ‘brothers to another mother’ Michael and Zachary love you as well and can’t wait to spoil you.


one very smittened Daddy


One very happy Mummy


  1. congratulations aunty Helen! Wow she has a lot of hair, she is beautiful :)

  2. Thank you :o) She is such a sweetheart and you are right about the hair there is sooooooo much