Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A few years ago this very adventurous lady (Sarah) introduced me to the FLYLady. The FLYLady is a website aimed at helping everyone get their house and life in order using routines, baby steps and zones. I have found myself in struggletown a lot lately and today remembered the website and how it had helped me before. So I googled the website and have started my “Control Journal”


I moved through a couple of things very quickly to do each member of our family a weekly planner (these will go up on our kitchen wall one next to the other so we can all see what’s happening that week)


but most importantly (and those that check out the website will understand this) tonight I am going to go to bed with a shiny sink and hope to hit the ground FLYing tomorrow morning


I really encourage everyone to visit this website and check it out especially if you are feeling a little chaotic at the moment


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  1. I LOVE flylady, my sister Tania out om on to it a couple of years ago, very clever ideas :)