Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to get organised

Today I packed up my little man Michael,
Got some cuddles
and took him to his first day at Kindy
After he waved us off I went and met up with 2 of my sisters. for San Churros (I should classify this statement, I have 3 brothers who are related to me by blood and no sisters but I am a very firm believer that family is what you make it and you don’t need to be related to someone by blood for them to be your family. So there are 3 very very special women in my life who I believe to be my family.)
After getting home I looking around at where I have been creating…the living room coffee table! and as much as I love my couch it’s killing my back and with Uni starting up again next week I thought I had better get my butt into gear if I wanted to be organised for study. My biggest problem is that although we moved into a much, much, much bigger house over 6 months ago I have yet to get a space of my own. The boys have their toy room and Louis has his office but me, no where… yet. I haven’t yet worked out where my little creative/study space will be I did recycle some IKEA material shelves we used when we first moved in and had been sitting around collecting dust to organise my sewing material, equipment and patters
It’s not perfect but it’s a starting point

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  1. Carving out a little time and space for yourself is always good....just working out much is the hard part.