Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Reality

Did you miss me?????

Louis and I have just spent an amazing 7 childfree days in Bali (I did miss them a lot more than I thought I would)


Where among other things I worked on my tan


Ate waaaaaaay too much food


Took a ride on an elephant through the jungle


Hung out with a bunch of monkeys (note the big one I had to bring him home with me hehehe ;o) love you honey)


And hugged a baby Orangutan

but we are back to reality with today being a work/school day and life in between all of that.

I have a dilemma though… A very special person in my life has a birthday coming up this weekend and I have been sitting here racking my brains, scouring the web looking for some kind of inspiration, some kind of creatable gift idea for a person who is very talented in the craft department and it as well as sleep is alluding me so I think I will just finish up this post asking…..

What do you make for someone who means the world to you when they could make it themselves????


  1. Hey helen I just bookmarked your blog on my phone so I can check it regularly :)

  2. Looks like you had a blast lovelly girl!!
    You're a treasure xx