Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man gift

Okay so I am trying to make as many gifts as possible this year but coming up with a gifts for guys is actually doing my head it. It’s been really hard but because of my awesomeness (LOL) I have managed to come up with a gift idea for a great friend of ours who’s birthday it is today.

So this is what I did

Downloaded some blank music paper from here

Used some cardboard and covered it with some material and using some more material bound the paper and covers.




and we have a manuscript book :) that will hopefully encourage the birthday boy to start writing again


  1. I too find it hard to come up with handmade inspiration that will appeal to the guys in our life...this is a fab idea!!

  2. Thanks Tammi, It was really hard to come up with something I'm not looking forward to the next male birthday.

  3. I love of Helen!! Well done, how creative! I'm with you guys, I was thinking a laptop cover would be great for some of the guys in my world! x

  4. Stacey - What a great idea! I think thats going to go onto my list for christmas ideas